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Please help me get my thanks to one of your staff members

I'm not sure where to begin ad i am not a BT Customer but today I was in Swansea city centre where sadly I had a tumble and was a little embarrassed.

However I was helped by a chap who I only caught a glimpse of his BT I'D badge. He managed to help me up and walked with me to McDonald where he bought me a cup of tea to steady my nerves and took the time to help me to a taxi home.

His name was Donald but I didn't get the last name of the gent but if it helps he had blue glasses.

I'm not a BT Customer but my gosh this gent is a shining example of your business. He didn't make a fuss but made sure I was ok and able to walk it's embarrassing at my age to take a fall but Donald went out of his way to make sure that that wasn't the case.

If there is any form of recognition you run within BT please thus chap needs it!

Please pass on my grateful thanks to Donald and tell him that I truly appreciate what he did.


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Re: Please help me get my thanks to one of your staff members

Hi @dereklangford,

Thank you so much for taking the time to contact us about Donald. We've tracked him down and we've been in touch. We'll also be in touch with his Manager and Centre Manager. When we asked Donald if he met you this morning the first thing he asked was "Is he ok?". He was relieved to hear you were and wanted to thank you for taking time out of your day to thank him.

Thank you Derek


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Re: Please help me get my thanks to one of your staff members

Hi Daniel, thank you for replying. I am pleased to hear he will get some form of recognition as far too many people complain but not enough people recognise those who deserve it.

Thanks again.

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