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Please please help Advice required- BT home phone issues / broadband issues

Well hi everyone


Newbie here, and am writing in the hope that someone may be able to help us. I'm now desperate and I came across this website purely by chance and I have to say I am so very glad, because this maybe my last place to turn to help.  In the text below I have tried to condense everything to explain what has happened over the past 2.5weeks.


For 2 1/2 weeks now we have been having problem with our telephone line and broadband, bt so far have been very helpful, however we are being pushed pillar to post with no-one actually resolving the issue.


The issue?  Very intermittent broadband, and if we do have it then we are lucky if we get 235kbps, phone line very crackly and if the broadband is not working, all I need to do is phone myself up and the broadband kicks in. !! 

We have spoken to several people, and week 1 they recognised there was a line fault on the line and an engineer was called out, he explained that he had swapped our wires over at the pole. (not quite sure what he meant by that).  After that, the broadband starting to die and sometimes it would not work for 3 days at a time. BT arranged for a broadband engineer to turn up (engineer no:2). When he arrived the broadband was working, he tested the line, did everything else and said he could find nothing wrong, but that everything should be fine now.  1 hour after him leaving the Internet stopped working. Rang BT out came engineer no: 3.  this was when I explained to him that the broadband only seemed to work for an hour if we received a phone call. He admitted he had never heard of that before but since everything seemed to be working now (and yes the broadband started working 2 hours before the engineer turned up, with a connection speed of 1300kbps) he would change the filter over and hope that this resolved the problem. (we have a fixed faceplate filter).

No this did not solve the problem, BT advised us that it might be the hub, and today we finally received a brand new BT homehub. (after being promised 1 homehub to be delivered last Weds, took a days leave - it never arrived, eventually it was established that the renewals team had forgotten to order us one 🙂

It is not the BT homehub.  - the phoneline is still awful and my hubby has just phoned me to say the internet connection has just died, except for when I phone him and then we will have connection for about 10mins to an hour.

I have to say BT have been nothing but very helpful, however this is now getting to the point of no return, and  the hubby is starting to lose patience Smiley Sad


I do hope someone here can help us, or at least advise us on what can be done next.


From someone who is absolutely desperate for any help


With warmest regards




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Re: Please please help Advice required- BT home phone issues / broadband issues

If the phone line is crackly, it isn't a broadband fault, and BT sending a broadband engineer to fix it is pretty pointless. If you haven't already done so, phone up BT telephones (NOT broadband) and tell them you have a line fault that is making the line crackly. They should then send BT Openreach (the people who maintain the phone lines) to fix it. It sounds like you have a poor joint somewhere. To ring the phone, the exchange sends a higher than normal alternating voltage down the line. In some cases, the extra voltage can "cut through" the crud on the bad joint and temporarily fix the problem.
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Re: Please please help Advice required- BT home phone issues / broadband issues

Sounds an interesting fault. Best place to start is to check that the voice line is good. Plug a good phone into the test socket on the backplate of the master socket without any filters (if you have a NTE5) or go to the first socket and disconnect any extensions. This means that only BT cabling is involved. If it is faulty, get the voice line fixed first, as this will give you a good copper path back to the exchange. Report it as a line fault and not a broadband fault. Once the voice line is good then see what happens with the broadband. If the broadband still gives trouble after the voice line is good, try the same test using a filter and your router. Since the fault happens after a while you will need to leave it connected untill you are sure if there is a fault or not. If faulty then report a broadband fault.


If you do these tests and there is no fault on the voice or broadband service then it may be your internal extensions that are giving you the problem.  Try reconnecting your internal cabling and retest. If the fault starts again your cabling needs fixed.



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Re: Please please help Advice required- BT home phone issues / broadband issues

Good morning again all


I am now tearing my hair out, this problem has been going on for 3 weeks now with no end in sight. The Line engineer rang us on Sunday, I explained to him the problem, and he wanted to check to see if it was a line fault. We went through several procedures of unplugging the sky equipment, unplugging the broadband etc, and he then tested the line and confirmed that none of our equipment was faulty and that it definitely was a broadband problem. He also confirmed that he could also hear the "fax machine" noise in the background.  He asked about whether the filter had been changed and I confirmed that we have a fixed filter, and the last time the engineer was here he changed the filter.

He put me though back to the Broadband department, and I then discovered we had to start to explain the issues we were having all over again. Every  person I have spoken to has asked, have we changed the filter (YES) do we have another hub to plug in (YES), have you tried a different phone (YES), ....This is getting absolutely ludicrous.


Yesterday at 11am I had a phonecall at work to tell me the line appeared to be fixed as we had had connection for the last 11 hours.  My husband rang me to say at 11:30 the broadband had gone off and was again flashing amber, and the phone line was still crackly with the fax machine noise still in the background.


I again rang BT helpdesk and explained the problem was not fixed, they then confirmed that the engineers were working on the problem as they could see there was a drop in connection.


At 7pm last night we had a phonecall to ask whether the broadband was working, I explained no it wasn't. They asked whether we had changed the filter etc, at this point I politely refused to speak to them, and asked that they look at the case notes before asking any further questions. They said they would get back to me.


At 8PM last night we had another phonecall to ask whether it was working, I again explained that one of their colleagues had rang an hour ago to ask the same question, they then asked had we done all the normal checks, and I again explained that they look at the case notes before discussing anything further. He put me on hold, and read back to me the issues, I was grateful at this point that I had not had to explain myself for the 16th time. He explained he would arrange a call back tomorrow morning as he can see that engineers are supposed to be working on the line that night. (I have heard this several times before)



As you can understand I am getting highly frustrated as all I seem to be doing is going around in circles with nothing getting resolved. 


Any help would again be appreciated.


Kindest regards



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