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Please, please provide the excellent BT Yahoo functionality on the new

Two days with the new after many years with BT Yahoo and the customer experience is truly awful. I have zero interest in news from the soaps etc. but used live weather, diary and vitally the FTSE tracking and personal stock totaliser all the time. Can it be that hard to give us back some of the previous functionality ??

Am I alone in thinking this is a seriously dumbed down product.

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New BT.Com Homepage

Just wanted to say I hate this new homepage, I loved the BT Yahoo one and was used to it. As I have trouble with pc not remembering my 'signing in' I now have to sign in to the homepage and ALSO the Email page. If I go back to the homepage and then want to go back and check my mail I have to sign in AGAIN!!!  Didn't have to with the last one. This is all a pain. If it wasn't broke why did they change it.

As soon as my contract is up with BT I am going with someone else where you just sign in and that's it. Roll on the end of my eighteen months!

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Re: New BT.Com Homepage

Well, it was broke in the sense that Yahoo! was causing problems for many BT customers, and still is. BT are in the processing of ditching Yahoo! and it can't come a moment too soon for some. I guess that there will be some changes to the BT home page once that's completed. Meanwhile logging in once here still works for me on the rare occasions I go there.

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Re: New BT.Com Homepage

This must be the most bizarre reason I've ever heard for leaving BT.

I use Firefox as a browser and it always remembers my login and password. I suspect that your browser settings may need adjusting.
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Function lost on the new "home page"

I have finally been forced to adopt the new home page after years with BTYahoo. I am surprised that the really useful stock portfolio tracking funtion (and others) seem no longer available. BT now bombard me with commercials and updates on TV "soap" info' which puts me off the entire, very expensive, BT service which is even less useful now.

Is there a way to reinstall the share portfolio tracking function previously available and if not has anyone found a better home page with this sort of function and less kiddy friendly TV related news?

Thank you. 

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Re: Function lost on the new "home page"

For the time being, you should still be able to log in to Yahoo.  Just go straight to Yahoo, not using any old BT Yahoo links.  However, the personalised BT Yahoo web site will have gone, to be replaced with Yahoo's default one.


In the longer run, there's nothing to stop you creating a new free Yahoo ID.  But you will still have to fathom out how to get it to display what you want.


I agree that BT's new web site is particularly useless, with very little content worth having.

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Re: Function lost on the new "home page"

Fortunately once you have found the mail log on you can set a shortcut to it and avoid the home page.


PS perhaps the spell check knows something it wants to replace with bottom.

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Re: Function lost on the new "home page"

I also agree. The new BT website is useless, just full of trivia, not worth using.
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Re: Please, please provide the excellent BT Yahoo functionality on the new

I agree I am not a person who spends my days talking about soaps. The problem is many do. Maybe they can add a section for those requiring a bit more mental stimulation. Dont take that to mean I like Yahoo I dont I hate it. and look forward to it disappearing. But you have a point.

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Re: Please, please provide the excellent BT Yahoo functionality on the new

For me the cleaner the better. I hate all the clutter. If I use webmail I desire nothing but that. Enter, execute the task, quit. I hope BT's new webmail page is just that. No doubt though it will probably be full of tracking beacons, 1 x 1 pixel spying scripts, LSOs and other types of cookies and ads trying to monetise my every move and personal details.


Why don't you just bookmark those favourite Yahoo pages? Or set up a Yahoo account solely for those functions?