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Pole Cables Tied Together

Hello everybody, first post on here! 


Recently the set of terrace house I am part of had some work done that involved scaffolding on the front of the properties where the telephone cables come from the pole, the builders must have decided it would be easier for them if they cable tied the cables going to four seperate houses together coming from the pole but they have took the scaffolding down now and left them tied together in a bunch. 


I'm unhappy as I wanted them restored to how they originally were, my question is would bundling these cables have an adverse/undesirable effects on my phone line/broadband? One of my neighbours is a rental property and to be honest thier cables look in very poor condition. 


Openreach are currently in my area setting up FTTC so I have been keeping an eye out to see if I could catch an engineer and ask his opinion but have had no luck so far! Any help or knowledge anyone can share would be greatly appreciated! 





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Re: Pole Cables Tied Together

Its unlikely to have any effect. Openreach will only deal if there is a fault, or if its a safety hazard.

If you think it looks in poor condition, then you can contact them using the form on the link below.

But do not expect too much.

Report damaged or dangerous Openreach network

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