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Poor Broadband speed


We have been having problems with speed since the beginning of February. Apart for a few days we were getting under 500kbps

BT admitted that there was a line fault and it was bottleneck somewhere.

We had to arrange for a engineer to visit,

That was a task in its self the Call centre was useless 3 calls and been put on hold a number of times and 40 mins later a appointment was arranged.

On the day of planned visit we tested our line and got 330Kbps the engineer called us from the exchange where he had been running tests he asked us to run a test and he would be with us shortly. We ran a test and got just under 7Mb Fantastic,

The engineer said he must have cleared the fault when running the tests at the exchange, he checked all ou wiring and disconnected our extension (as we do not use it) he ran some line tests and everything was fine.

Everything was fine for a few days and the speed just got slower and slower. And we are back to getting under 500Kbps, we have e-mailed a complaint to BT but only had a phone message from the Tech call centre in India.

Do they not have all our info on file including the tests the engineer ran. There is clearly a fault at the exchange that is causing a bottle neck the engineer said the system will get slower and slower till the errors a cleared.


Can anybody sugest what we do next, I refuse to call the help line because they are useless, they do not understand you, they constantly put you on hold.


Please can anybody help as we are pulling out hair out and contemplating cancelling our direct debit,





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Re: Poor Broadband speed

I am in exactly the same Boat- the call centre in India LOVE the Hold Button and then palm you off to an Engineer Visit whenever they can- here's a thought- they don't help you- they get more calls- they refer you to an engineer- the engineers get more work- a self fulfilling prophecy!!


BT are a Joke!

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Re: Poor Broadband speed

Glad i am not the only one who thinks the call centre a usless.


We used to think BT were great but not anyymore.

Frustrating i!!!!!!

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Re: Poor Broadband speed

Check out my other post- I am a "loyal" customer too- quickly losing patience!!!
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Re: Poor Broadband speed

Have you had any progress with this? I have the same issue. IP Profile: 7150, engineer resets connection at the exchange and I get 6MB+, give it a day or two and I'm down to 80-200KBps.

This has been ongoing since December.
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Re: Poor Broadband speed

Hi All,


The biggest killer of broadband is induced line noise, either from within, or on the network itself.

Most problems are from within....

Troll through some of the posts in my profile, on line noise and slow connections.


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Re: Poor Broadband speed

OK, if line noise is causing the problems, then how do we find out what is causing the noise?


In my case, I haven't changed anything electrical in my home, yet every 3 or 4 months or so I go through a fortnight of very slow connections.  Then back to normal.


Just saying noise either from within or outside is causing the problem is an excuse and doesn't fully help.  What we all want to know is how do we find the source of the noise?

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Re: Poor Broadband speed

Look for possible sources of interference....


Power supplies.

power cables.

central heating pumps.

dimmer switches.

fluorescent lighting.

halogen lighting.

door bell power supply.


TV interference.

phone chargers.

sky boxes.

other satellite receivers.

certain types of radio transmitter.

microwave ovens.


Mains "network" adapters that use home mains wiring to extend your network can kill broadband.


Any of the above in close proximity of a broadband router can cause problems.


need I go on?.......

They all have the capability to interfere with broadband.


Things to try:

segregate cables away from router cable.

check/change your filters.

tidy your cables.

check your line with a quiet line test, if your phone line is noisy contact BT phone services.


If your line is quiet, by plugging directly into the NTE5 test socket, behind the faceplate, will give you a direct connection to the exchange, and if after 3 days, your throughput increases, you will know that you have induced noise from within your home causing your problems.


Are you connecting to a master socket?


Do you have unused extensions and bellwire connections?


Are your extensions covered with filters?


It's all been found posts in the forum, try stuff.

There's no magic wand, sometimes it takes effort.


Hope this helps.   😉

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Re: Poor Broadband speed


Think you will find the Call Centre read directly from a standard procedure issued by BT and are not allowed to deviate from it.

I had the same problem with speeds down to 600kbps. eventually OpenReach lines man who are contractors for BT so have to pay extra for swapped over my service to another pair of copper wires which helped.

I stiill was not happy so next an Bt Broadband Technician came to visit and found faulty components at the exchange. Now up to 2330kbps.

I am still not happy so I contacted a website called Sam Knows which seems to be a speed data collector for OfCom. Use there speed checker.

My speed now is up to 3369 Mbps. I am 1348 metres away from the local exchange use there maps to collect infomation about the estimated speed you should be recieving.

On ADSL my speed should be aprox. 6Mbps and ADSL2 aprox. 8.5Mbps.

The Broadband Tech. did mention that not to switch off the router but keep it running 24/7 as when it is switched off the line monitor at the exchange sees it as a line fault and shuts back the Broadband and it can take upto 72 hrs for a speed recovery.



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Re: Poor Broadband speed

Mains "network" adapters that use home mains wiring to extend your network can kill broadband

Why do we get these with BT Vision