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Poor Connection Quality from within a Network



I live in a small student flat complex (12 flats, perhaps 60-70 users), whose broadband is provided by BT. The main problem I have is that the connection is generally unstable, this problem is not limited to me, or even my flat, but is widespread across the complex. The quality of conenction does not appear to be based on anything logical, such as peak times, it just randomly goes up and down when it feels like it - though everything is worsened at peak times.


Many complaints have been made to the Landlords, as there was no connection at all in some rooms. This was remedied by having at least one wireless router in each flat. I believe all of this to have been caused by underlying infrastructure problems, or by something to do with the external line. One of the problems is that the Landlords don't appear to know anything about the lines within the complex, I don't think they even know where the master socket is...


I have taken a look at the commonly circulating "fixes" page, but I'm not able to do most of them.


Is there anything I can do, as a tenant, with little access to anything to try and work out what the problem might be?


Here is a parse:


I tested on another server also, which provided lower ping and jitter, but a staggering 46% packet loss.





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Re: Poor Connection Quality from within a Network

There is little you can do with that level of users the number of routers and the wireless channel conflicts plus the interference they will suffer from will dramatically affect speed and connection of all users
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