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Poor Customer Service and unreasonable installation dates

Not happy with the service by BT and that's before I'm even a customer! There seems to be be so many errors and delays by the sales team regarding new accounts and installations.


Registered for Phone/Broadband/TV on 19th November via the website.  After completing the details I was given an installation date of 29th December.  I thought this seemed an awful long time so called customer services to confrm I needed an engineer to come out.  When I spoke to someone they said they could move the date to the 23rd December therefore cancelled my order and put through a new one.  A month didn't seem too long a wait.


However I didn't receive an email or any letters therefore became suspicous that something was wrong.  I called back on 29th November to be told my order was 'stuck' during processing therefore the request for an installation did not go through!  This was completely unacceptable! Why was I not contacted?


I then had to place a new order and now have an installation date of 13th January 2011!!  This is later than any of the other dates and almost 2 months since I ordered!  I have also tracked my order online and my address was not even correct!!


I contacted BT again to see if there was any way to bring my date forward but was told this would not be possible.  I don't see how considering there must be some free time during the 23rd AND 29th Dec which were my installation dates!!  Who gets these appointments?!


Is anyone else having these sorts of problems?


It's getting to the stage when I'm just considering getting mobile broadband as I think it would be easier.

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Re: Poor Customer Service and unreasonable installation dates

Yes absolutely the same probs. I ordered when i was in the usa on holiday on 22nd Oct. Had to wait till the 1st Dec and that was with a Bt line in the house! Its now working without a BT engineer even doing anything in the house but I am having a total nightmare trying to get the call package sorted out and have just been charged for 3 months in advance 1 day after the line activated. Not happy but not much else I can do as I'm out in the sticks. Also been hung up on and lied to by call centre staff on the 6 occassions I have called ( after holding for 30mins a time) Buyer beware!!
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Re: Poor Customer Service and unreasonable installation dates

mra 123,


I strongly recomend you forget all about BT and get a dongle. Several years ago we bought and paid for Broadband with BT, it never worked. After being fobbed of to the ISP and by them to BT we bought a 3G dongle and never looked back. That was around 5 years ago.


We live approximatley 5 miles from a City center and it is still impossible to get broadband down the phonelines, pigeon post is faster than the download speed we get !!


Oh, and the reason they did not call you back, is they don't give a flying fig for there existing or potential new customers.


Heed the warning signs ........................

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Re: Poor Customer Service and unreasonable installation dates

I had the same problem, and I believe there are others that are experiencing this dreadful service.


I telephone BT in November and agreed an installation on 13th December in the afternoon.  I phoned them on 26th November to change it to a morning appointment.  Was told that there was something wrong with the system and would receive a call back on Tuesday 30th November.  As expected no call back, so I called them and was told that the installation had 'failed' on their system therefore 13th December was not booked.  I was told earliest date is 4th January 2011.


The BT person I spoke to blamed this on their installation team, however I believe they were not telling customers the truth who booked in November as it is clear there is no availability until the New Year and this was damage limitation!


I am appalled by this dreadful service and am taking every opportunity to let everyone know my customer experience!

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Re: Poor Customer Service and unreasonable installation dates

Sounds like a lot of people are having the same problem.  I have taken your advice and purchased a 3G dongle today so fingers crossed it works out ok.  If I can get a good connection I don't see the point of being a BT customer with such poor service. 


Let's face it, I've plenty of time to cancel my order anyway!

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Re: Poor Customer Service and unreasonable installation dates

Ha brilliant! Called to say my address was incorrect on order for the second time and surprise surprise they have to cancel that order and register a new one!!! New date given was February!!
As I explained to the person, it wasn't as if I had an option of saying no.

Of course then I get told I have to pay £100 deposit!! Where did this come from!? I was never asked for this on my previous 3 order requests!? BT don't fill me with confidence therefore when the order doesn't happen it will be a nightmare to get this money back. Not worth it.

Bye Bye BT- you have lost another customer.
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Re: Poor Customer Service and unreasonable installation dates

Similar problems signed up Feb 19th now middle of May and still no line in the house. Endless waiting for Indian staff who cannot solve your problem without putting you on hold for at least 11 minutes everytime you ask  a question and empty promises that do nothing to solve your problem.


I have reported them to Ofcom and will take the matter to communication ombudsman if not speedily resolved.


However if you think BT are bad just try TalkTalk, they are far worse!

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