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Poor Download Speed after issues in Risca (01633) area last week

After the issues in Risca last week my download speed has been very poor. Last night it was at 0.08Mbps according to speed test (wired connection to router) with a 1500ms ping time. The ping time came down a bit but was still jumping above 1500 every few mins. Router reports a 540kps down stream as opposed to the usual 1.5Mbps. I have done all the usual stuff *Router off for 5 mins *Reset router *swapped micro filter for known good one *Plug into test socket *Deleted internet history & temp files ( BT call center suggested it, found it pointless) After doing all this myself had to again do it for the checklist the call center have, So having wasted 30+ mins on phone and am now waiting for call back after 24 hours which will be after 48 hours becuase the service is not 24/7 and I called after closing time, which I guess means they reset my traffic profile. I can safely say that the issue is not internal to building and that its either in exchange (hugely overloaded), the wires or somewhere else in the BT infrastructure. Oh well, see if there is any change when I get home. If anyone at BT could take a look or knows if there are others in the area with issues and could let us know would be really appreciated.
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Re: Poor Download Speed after issues in Risca (01633) area last week

all the outage problems then followed by the resets, changing socket and then filters have probably dropped your profile.


to check can you run btspeedtester and post the results


just in case there is now a noise problem can you also post the adsl stats from your router

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Re: Poor Download Speed after issues in Risca (01633) area last week

Thanks imjolly, will post results when I get home.
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