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Poor Mobile Reception

Hi there,


I have very recently moved from Virgin to BT Quad package. My mobile Galaxy s6 edge had fabulous reception in the house with Virgin. I checked BT's coverage checker before moving and it stated very good + it has 4G extra speed coloured yellow on their map. I am wondering why I have now moved.


My reception in the house has mostly read 0 for the past week. My family members still on virgin and EE get signal and can't even call me from another room. Even a BT chap from India failed to connect with me when testing. My HTC is set to to Network mode LTE/3G/2G (auto connect). Chap in India suggested changing the mode to 3G only but that has made little difference. I also found this problem in other good reception areas. The phone keeps dropping the BT connection and I have to reconnect to the Network operator each time. Emergency Calls only keeps appearing on the screen. I do not think it is the SIM card. Intermittantly it will work in certain places like work. 


Any thoughts on how to solve?

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Re: Poor Mobile Reception

as BT are using the EE network then if you can get a good EE signal then BT mobile should work  have you tried the BT sim in the EE phone and see if there is a signal - from other posts BT sim should work in EE phone

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Re: Poor Mobile Reception

I too recently moved to BT hoping coverage would be better but alas it is not. It is poor with EE as well. I can ring out from indoors using the SmartTalk app but cannot receive calls or messages unless using imessage. I  have to go down the garden for a signal. This is  not the only area that is poor I have found. I also have trouble at relatives houses near Tavistock. Very disappointing.

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Re: Poor Mobile Reception

I've posted on so many different forum pages,
I made the mistake of moving 3 Vodafone Mbl accounts across to BT mobile as I did broadband at same time
Mbl is really really awful on my estate and non existent in house
We must get 3 or 4 BT "missed calls" per day when at home
BT (Indian call centre) useless
As u say, they can't call you (due to bad reception) and claim they donor record the number of missed calls
But t I know Vodafone do as part of their new "service" agreement t sowhynot bt
I've travel ed to leave but they want a ridiculous buy out fine to get out of the contract
I just do t understand how they cannot recognition we how bad it is in our area?
Put up a discrete mast
Or better still
Provide the EE home boosters
Really really awful!
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