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Poor Practice

After seeing the January deal

--Sim and broadband with over £130 reward in form of pre-paid cards--

I signed up. BT promptly took £10 from my account and promised amazing internet speeds and great rewards. Please be aware,  rewards are difficult to claim with the intent customers will forget or reach the expiry period and the internet speeds are not as advertised. Furthermore, if you're unlucky and have signed up for BT mobile ensure you change the additional data to £5 as BT feel 10p per 1mb is a fair price.

I would like a valid method of obtaining these reward cards and not a link for vouchers that redirects me to a log-in page. Yes, it's been over 30 days, in fact, BT have managed to charge me £51 each month (2 so far) on a £35 per month contract... and i thought sky broadband was bad. Smiley LOL

All-in-all this has been the worst experience fr mobile and boradband and i would suggest you steer well clear of BT and their false promises. Can't be difficult to send rewards automatically, provide internet speeds as advertised, and stick to the agreed monthly charge.

2/10 very poor service.

I only signed up due to the reduced charge and rewards as advertised. 

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