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Poor connection speed

Hi everyone,


After a couple of attempts, the BT engineer visited yesterday to install Infinity. I'm not sure if getting the last appointment of the day was a factor but the person seemed like they were in a hurry. Anyways, the faceplate was replaced and the VDSL connected and I was advised everything was good to go.


I was shown a text message on the engineers phone showing that there I should be getting 80 Mbit down and 20 Mbit up. I was left with the advice that the more I used it the quicker it would become.


I hope there wasn't anything useful in the "welcome pack", as this was removed by the engineer. 


The current state of play is that my upload is currently quicker than my download speed!


The best which has been managed is 14 Mbit up and 11.15 Mbit down. The ping speeds on a speed test are typically 17ms with 2ms jitter.


This obviously isn't right but I'm not sure where to go from here? 

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Re: Poor connection speed

How are you measuring the speeds?

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Re: Poor connection speed

Run the ADSL/FTTC speedtest on and paste your results along with your IP profile.

Make sure the test is done with an Ethernet connection as opposed to wireless.
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