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Poor customer service for upgrade

Upgrading to Halo 100 and the engineer didn't turn up as there was an issue with BT booking it through openreach (I was told systems not talking to each other) frustrating but appreciate mistakes happen even thou I phoned the day before to confirm and was told it was all OK. 

What is very frustrating is the amount of times I've been told someone will call back and they don't. 

Ive had no update and nobody seems to want to arrange the upgrade to actually happen, calling just results in another promise of a call back which has Never happened. 

Also received some very unlikely advise that I was not worry about the engineer visit as its all done at the exchange.

Obviously it an upgrade and I have Internet service so it's not the end of the world but can't understand how the customer service can be so bad?, 

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Re: Poor customer service for upgrade

Hi @dazzx12, I'm so sorry about the problems with your order. Fibre 100 is provided either using Fibre to the Home or G.Fast technology but both will require an engineer visit to install it. I'll send you a private message in a few moments so you can get in touch with the Mod team and we'll be happy to find out what's happening. 

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