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Poor download speed!

For the last couple of days i have been experiencing extremley poor download speeds.


When online on the PS3 for instance we are constantly been signed out or lagging really bad! I have done numerous speed checks during these times and have found them to be coming in at about 1-2mbs but can really fluctuate. Sometimes it can say 15mbs and then the test straight after says 1.3.  I am paying for infinity..........


I have called technical help and spoken with 'Robert' who said he will monitor the speed for a few days but this really isnt good enough.  Less than 6 months ago i had a problem with the Infinity (again) and after 3 weeks of no service and waiting for India to fix this i had to email the BT CEO who had this problem sorted in a couple of days.


Im really hoping it doesnt lead to that again. I just want the service i am paying for! Can anyone help!


I have tried to do another speed test to attach and show but after 30 min of waiting for it to load i have given up! Seems the internet can only handle one tab at a time!


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Re: Poor download speed!

Hi corsag19,


Can you advise are connecting wirelessly or with a cable?


Can you also run a speedtest here,


and post results.




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