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Poor latency, high ping.

Hello forum friends!


Erm, high pings/latency/response yadablah blah blayada.

Download speed is still good but the latency is killing me, from a decent 15 to 20ms to a decidedly average 40ms and sometimes hitting 120ms. Zero to a couple jittery things.


Previous issues have all been cabinet related (8volt battery and some other line /link issue) so my guess would be that the cabinet has not liked the amount of rain in the last month and is not playing anymore.


Yes I have reset everything but the kitchen sink (pro Open Reach and Hub resetter here).


Help me BT



Haha further information has come to light.


Customers (Gameservers UK) on BTInternet may be noticing higher than normal ping times on London servers. This is due to an overloaded peering point between BTInternet and Level3 Communications (Our bandwidth provider in London). There is no ETA on a resolution, but typically issues like this last for a matter of a few days.


That sorts my 120ms ping issues but why the jump from 20ms to 40ms? New interleaving algorythms perhaps? DLM interfering again? Universe imploding?


Please forget this post forever...... I can live with an extra 20ms. But do not waste any more of my time....aaaahhh ms



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