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Poor phone Line/Broadband during wind


For the past few weeks, I have been having continuous drop outs on both Broadband during spells of windy weather. The broadband will drop out every 2-5 minutes, and the SNRM jumps around continually. The constant drop outs have resulted in my SNRM rising from a normal 6dB to nearly 20dB and broadband speed dropping to an almost unusable than 0.2Mb from the usual 5-6Mb.

The unfortunate thing about this is that when there is not as much wind, the connection is stable and the phone line works fine.

Performing the quiet line test with a corded phone plugged into the test socket when the fault exists is impossible as the line drops out before I am able to get to the menu. Performing the quiet line test in the same manner when the wind is calm leads to a mostly silent line with very occasional quiet crackles.

Any advice on how to report this fault while avoiding the scenario of an engineer being sent out on a good day, testing the line and finding nothing wrong, and relieving me of £130 for the privilege of fixing nothing (as has happened to me in the past with an intermittent fault) would be very much appreciated.


Availability Checker Results:


BTW Line Test:


Graph of SNRM during 15/02/2020:





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Re: Poor phone Line/Broadband during wind


You would not be charged if no fault is found, assuming you have checked at the test socket.

How many times have you reported this fault?

I assume your phone line is fed from a pole?

If the phone line is noisy or has a high resistance connection, then that will affect your broadband.

If you do not get dial tone, or there is noise on the line, then you need to report it as either no dial tone, or a noisy line. Do not mention the broadband problem, otherwise it will end up in the wrong fault queue, and take much longer to be fixed. There are plenty of people who can fix phone faults, but not as many broadband people.

Once the phone fault is fixed, then the broadband will get better.


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