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Poor picture quality

I’m using powerline adapters as my broadband connection is not near my tv. I’ve never have a great picture quality when watching HD/4K  Online player /App tv/ BT Sport channels no matter how many resets, reboots etc I do. But now I can’t even watch those channels in SD without pixelation and drop out.

No issues with the freeview channels as those come via the normal aerial. 

The data light on the adapter by the tv is now dancing between green, orange or red, suggesting speed/connection issues. I’ve run speed tests which come back showing no issues. I’ve run broadband connection tests and all comes back no issues. 

The adapters are plugged into mains sockets.  Using cat6 cables. I’ve tried plugging the adapters direct into different sockets but makes no difference. I haven’t plugged in any new electrical appliances.  Am at a total loss, other than purchasing an extra long Ethernet cable to connect directly, but create a trip hazard through my home too  

TBH I’ve had enough of paying BT for something that is useless. Has anyone had success in getting BT to cancel their whole contract without penalty so they switch to a more reliable broadband/tv provider? If yes, how did you get BT to agree? I’ve still got 18 months left so no doubt BT will want to charge me an arm and a leg!!


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Re: Poor picture quality

Hi @GZH15 welcome to the community and sorry about the delay getting back to you and I would like to apologise for the problems you're experiencing with your internet channels on BT TV. It may be a problem with the powerline adapters if the line and broadband are testing ok. Have you tried a factory reset on them to see if that helps? 


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Re: Poor picture quality

The problem may well lie with your internal electricity circuitry which is being used to piggyback the powerline signal on. Only if a test with a long ethernet cable produced the same poor performance could you start thinking that the broadband service is not up to snuff. What does the BT web site speedtest say (this tests the speed up to the router / Home Hub)?
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Re: Poor picture quality

How can you blame BT when the issue is clearly with your electrical circuitry or, less likely, the powerline adaptors.

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Re: Poor picture quality

Yup. Done resets, changed extenders. Worked for a few days but back to normal; can’t watch 4K or HD. 

Speed tests come back fine. Complete new electrical circuit only a year old. Gonna cancel HD subscription and look for alternative HDTV provider when out of contract 👍

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Re: Poor picture quality

Missed opportunity to run ethernet cable everywhere while renewing the electrical circuit.
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Re: Poor picture quality

Are both parts of the powerline adaptors plugged into sockets on the same circuit? If not they don’t work properly. Also just because you have relatively new circuitry does not mean there is no issue with the wiring somewhere that might not be obvious.