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Poor service from callcentre(s)

I used to work for BT(42years) and one of the tenets during my employment  was that you owned a problem until it was resolved or were able to ensure a positive handover to another Person(Colleague). Unfortunately this seems to have stopped.

I received an email from BT offering me free BT sport HD for 3 months. Although I have a problem with breakup on live HD channels, I thought I would try it again for catch-up/ondemand.

So clicking from the email, all went swimmingly until a message said to ring an 0800 number as I had an unfinished /open order. This was the previous cancellation of HD some months ago. Which showing as open even though it had been implemented in a few hours.

l rang, answered promptly and the Lady confirmed the open order, but She could not deal with but would contact the correct department. I was put on hold for sometime,expected, but there was no action by the original Person, just the other department answered. So I had to explain all again. The new lady eventually managed to close the open order and said she had implanted the new order for the HD trial, which could take up to 24hours.

Later in the evening I realised that I had not received the customary email from BT. So I returned to my email offer, and was able to request the trial, a confirmation email from BT within half an hour. This morning HD is active and it does work with HD catch-up with a bit of massaging if break up during watching.

So first BT person did not do  proper handover and 2nd only did half  a job which I had to recover.

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Re: Poor service from callcentre(s)

I had exactly the same issue today where contact centre staff are not doing their job properly. 


Saying there is an open order ect and transferring me to another dept without explaining what issue was. I had to go through security again and then the person told me that BT Sport 4k UHD did not exist. In the end I gave up and opened a thread on here.


I've also had issues with my broadband dropping off since I've been with BT in September. This issue has not been fixed after three calls.  


Really disappointed with BT. I wish I had gone with Virgin.


(Sorry to hyjack your thread Walace)





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