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Poor service

Like many people on this forum, I've experienced truly awful service from BT. They can't connect my Broadband, they're charging me for a connection that doesn't exist and the support is repeatedly a dead-end. I've discovered how truly awful they are to deal with.


Can anyone suggest a way of getting through to BT. I've a post box full of automated emails that you can't reply to; I've spoken to BT support on several occasions but they can't seem to progress the issue.


Many thanks.

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Re: Poor service

Hi Nigel53


Try contacting the Mods on here. I had trouble getting any answers off BT after telephone calls, emails and writing to them. I contacted the Mods and they have sorted out everything I needed.


Please allow 3 days for a reply though.


Hope they can help you.



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Re: Poor service

I to have endured absolutely appauling service from BT for the past 7 Years. Unfortunately i live in a rural part of the world and suffer dreadful broadband speeds. I do not intend to post a 'war and peace' article about BT as i am so fed up with fighting with them and their call centres. It is appear obvious that BT provide a poor complaints system in order to thwart complaints. If fact if they had no complaints deprtment then technically BT receive no complaints as a company. Forgive the cynic in me. However those who have poor broadband there is a solution. Mobile broadband. Check out this link


I know people in my village who are using this system and are getting broadband speeds upto 6mbs and as low as 2mbs. If you get a reasonably good mobile signal then this is one way to tell BT to shove thier service and choose another option. The experience of alot of villagers have had has been absolutely appauling so much so that the village has got together to research other alternatives. The above is one such. I will be considering this option as BT have now done their utmost to dissuade me from staying with them. If the shareholders knew about the poor service then i am sure the likes of Warren Buckley would be shown the door. The fact is that the more people who leave BT the les the shareholders will be getting so one way to force an improved service is to address the shareholders. This could be done by someone who has the time and energy by purchasing a couple of shares thus becoming a shareholder who would then have a lawful right to attend meeting or certainly address them there by raising the case of poor service. For me i am simply go to leave BT and never return.


BT if you read this i would like you to know through your arrogance you have driven me, a customer, away. All i asked for was 1-2mbs broadband and all you give me is either 0.015mbs or no service at all for weeks on end and wasting my time at your mumbai call centre who refuse to put me through to the UK. If i were retired i would gladly fight you in the shareholders meetings to raise awareness. No doubt you will be deleting this post.

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Re: Poor service

Hi Martin,


Many connection will suffer being rural, town, city or suburb does not matter, with full copper delivery its simply the physics. This applies to all ISPs not just BT.  Apart from the below it could be simply the physics, however there is wealth of advice here on the forum, if you want post the results in your own thread. You never know! 

To post the full stats from your router
for home hub -
Navigate to ADSL Settings or use the A-Z at the top right
Click on More Details and then post the results.
Run BT speed tester and post the results from

If possible it would be best to connect to the BT master socket remove the front plate if possisble and connect to socket this will rule out any telephone/broadband extension wiring also consider the housing of the hub/router as anything electrical can cause problems as these are your responsibility, if these are found to be the case Openreach (engineer) will charge BT Broadband, which will be passed onto you, around £130.00.

Noisy line! When making telephone calls, if so this is not good for your broadband, you can check-

Quite line test dial 17070 option 2 and listen - should hear nothing best done with old type analogue phone digital (dect) will do but may have slight hiss If you hear noise- crackling pops etc, report it as a noisy line on your phone, don’t mention broadband, Bt Faults on 151.


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