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Poor signal and missing channels

Hi all,

I have just ended my subscription with sky and have decided to join Bt. I have just installed 2 x youview dtrt4000 boxes, the channels that utilise the ethernet connection are perfect to view but the channels and radio stations that operate using the coaxial aerial cable are either missing or pixelating badly. I have checked for latest software and the tv signal quality is showing 85% strength and 52% quality.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Poor signal and missing channels

Try unplugging the extension RF cable that runs to the 2nd TV. That could be dragging down the signal quality. We have the same issue, if we use the extension into the bedroom, we lose all Freeview HD channels because the quality signal quality drops.

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Re: Poor signal and missing channels

Thank you for your response. There is no extension rf cable to the 2nd tv. The aerial on the roof connects to an 8 way booster box which then distributes to different rooms in the house, 2 of which have bt tv boxes.

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Re: Poor signal and missing channels

It'll be the distribution system causing the signal quality to deteriorate through the wiring to a point where it's too low for the Youview tuners to handle properly.  It's a twin tuner system and not particularly efficient so needs good signal strength and quality

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Re: Poor signal and missing channels

I have actually bypassed this to eliminate the booster from the setup by connecting the roof aerial directly to my tv. This then give me a weaker signal, I could only receive 13 channels.

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Re: Poor signal and missing channels

It would seem like you need the booster to pull enough signal in to receive all the channels but the booster system is reducing the quality when trying to feed multiple outputs at once.  I think there's an RF output on the box, have you tried using that to feed the 2nd TV? 

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Re: Poor signal and missing channels

I assume the signal strength and quality are near enough the same on both boxes?

With DTV (terrestrial TV such as Freeview etc) signal quality is more important than signal strength, a signal quality of 52% suggests a lot of binary errors which will display itself as pixelating.

I presume that, whilst a Sky customer, you used to watch terrestrial TV using your dish and that your aerial has gone unused for some time? if so you may need a new aerial or it may have moved a little in the wind, compare it to your neighbours and see if it is pointing in the right direction

Another option could be the power converter to the aerial distribution amp (assuming the amp is DC powered?)


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Re: Poor signal and missing channels

I'm not technically minded but we live in a block of flats with a multiple distribution system for Freeview and it works perfectly on single turner systems, like yours each bedroom is wired but the bedroom runs off a loop from the main system. It's when a RF cable is plugged into this loop, the signal quality drops enough to have an impact but it only loses the HD channels on the Humax box. So I get the feeling the issue is not with our set-up but more how the Humax boxes handle power distribution... Can't help you any further.. sorry

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Re: Poor signal and missing channels

I cannot connect the 1st tv to the 2nd as they are too far away from each other. 

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Re: Poor signal and missing channels

Yes that is correct. Both box’s signal strength and quality are the same.


The 2 TVs in the house that used to have sky used the dish for all channels. The other 6 TVs in the house always used the roof aerial to run freeview as it does today without any issues.

I have no idea about a power converter. Not technically minded sorry.



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