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Poor wifi in parts of the house

Hi All. 

I'm not the most techy person so hope someone can guide me a bit. I live in a bungalow which isn't the biggest but the wifi signal is poor to non existent in the living room and kitchen even though they no more than 25 feet from my Smart Home hub 2. I can't move the hub as it has the computer etc plugged into the back of it but I have tried to set it in different spots in the room its in with no significant changes. I also have Devolo extenders in the living room but not helping. Has anyone advice on how I could improve things?

One other question someone might be able to guide me on. As said I have a BT Smart home hub 2 but my package from BT says I have a Halo 1, is that the same thing?

Thanks in advance, Stuart

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Re: Poor wifi in parts of the house

halo 1 is an add-on to your fibre broadband package

have you turned off smart setup in hub manager

with SH2 you cannot split the networks but you can select channels manually instead of auto  I would get a wifi analyser for your phone and use that to find the least congested channel and then use that in the hub

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Re: Poor wifi in parts of the house

As you've got an SH2 already, the easiest way would be to add complete Wi-Fi to your package for an extra £10 month. For that £10, you can have a maximum of 3 discs.

Further information:

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