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Poor wireless issue



just recently I noticed the number of bars I'm getting on my imac has been dropping. The broadband installation is now into it's third week and general download speed is up to 3.4 Mbps and I was getting the full solid 4 bars.


However, recently these have been dropping down to one or two. At the same time, the Sonos sysytem we are using is now virtually unlistenable to. Their support are telling me it is a router issue so I'm a bit stuck now.


I tried changing the wireless channel from automatic and setting it to a set value, differnet to the Sonos system. 


The one or two bars do not seem to affect the speed of downloads on the imac which is upstairs (the router is down in the lounge). 


Is there anything I can do to check the wireless connection over?


I have to say that with this now, the BT system is driving me a little to despair so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


thanks, Bob

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Re: Poor wireless issue

I meant to add also that the situation seems to sort itself out when I reset the hub, but I read elsewhere that you shouldn't do that so often. So how do you get around this problem?



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