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Port Foward: BT Homehub 5 Minecraft

Right, hello!


I have an issue that hasn't been resolved for 3 Homehubs now. I'd like to set-up a Minecraft server, with the port of 25565. I've tried this on 2 BT Homehub 3's, one which was apparently faulty and the second was apparently fine. It didn't work, still. I finally got the new Homehub 5 and once again: the port remains unopened! How can this be? I've tried to see if this was an issue with my firewalls, so i disabled them on both the hub and my PC and the port remains unopened!

Please, can someone tell me why this is happening? I find it extremely annoying that I purchased this PC with the express intent to set up a minecraft server yet every time I try I get no results.

I've used sites such as to tell if my port is open, as well as trying to join the server myself, but it always responds with "the port cannot be found" or something like that. Always closed.

If you have an answer, please consider the fact that I have been trying this for a LOT of time, and as kindly as possible, avoid suggesting obvious or basic advice as I have searched far and wide for this stuff!

Thank you,

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Re: Port Foward: BT Homehub 5 Minecraft

This link should help.

Port forwarding problems

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