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Port forwarding Stops working for ports that are different internally and externally

I've recently switched back to my smart hub 2 whilst i'm waiting on a new ubuquiti edgerouter to arrive, and i've noticed that after an indeterminate amount of time, any port forwarding that translates an external port to a different internal port stops working.. Any that are the same external and internal continue to work..

i've also noticed that when it's in this state, it simply refuses to allow you to add any new port forwarding rules..

The fix is to reboot, which is easy but very annoying.

i've tried backing up the config and then restoring it, but the problem persists.

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Re: Port forwarding Stops working for ports that are different internally and externally

I have this problem too. I swapped out my Smarthub 2 for my old Technicolor VDSL2 router a year ago and that was fine.

Recently, I have had a unconnected problem where I was asked to try a different router so I thought I'd give the Smarthub 2 another try. Directly I connected it it downloaded what I assume is the the latest firmware so I was hopeful that the port forwarding problem might have been fixed. No such luck, after less that 24 hours the router stopped routing devices that used port forwarding. As mentioned, a restart of the Smarthub 2 fixes it but no-one wants to have to keep restarting their router with all the hassle that involves.

Not sure what to do to escalate this. The dumb troubleshooting procedure don't allow you to raise a problem report for specific problems and the telephone support is woeful with little chance of talking to anyone who understands the problem.

Looks like I'll be removing the Smarthub 2 and going back to my old 10 year old router that works faultlessly.


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