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Port forwarding difficulty - Smart Hub


I'm really struggling to open port 7023 on my Smart Hub in order to play the old game Combat Mission across the internet with my dad.

We've made it work in the past on previous routers, but I can't seem to crack it this time.

I have:

- Set my computer to a static IP address ( and restarted PC

- Added a port forwarding rule to the hub, with both internal and external ports starting at 7023 and ending at 7023, and pointed to, and pressed Save

- Turned off Windows Firewall to test

- Identified my remote IP address as using

...but still the checker at (and other such websites, including ones I've checked via the 4G connection on my phone rather than wifi) tell me that port 7023 at my IP address is closed. 

Anyone clever enough to tell me what I'm missing? Thanks!

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Re: Port forwarding difficulty - Smart Hub


Following some experimentation I've found that, despite the port status being returned as "closed" as described above, the game Combat Mission still manages to establish a connection. I had assumed that a port being "closed" was the same as it failing to forward. I also needed to approve the Windows Firewall notification to let the game through the Windows Firewall.

Hope this helps someone else!


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