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Port forwarding nec sl2100 phone system.

Hi guys, I am trying to connect a necsl2100 phone system using sip trunking to a hub 5 which is driving me bonkers. I have allocated 2 ip addresses 1 for signalling 1 for media and have connected to the network, I can ping either address and both seem to ok,  I have then setup 2 forwarding rules on the router no problem, allocating first rule is ok but trying to allocate the second rule the router tells me that the rule has already been allocated to the first ip address even though it is a different address. On the connectivity page I can see the equipments  first address although it tells me the equipment isn’t connected, no sign of the second address, network led on the kit is showing transfer of data



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Re: Port forwarding nec sl2100 phone system.

Have you allocated the IP addresses on the device itself or used address reservation on the hub? If the latter, does the device have the same MAC address for both IP addresses?

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Re: Port forwarding nec sl2100 phone system.

Did you assign different local Sip and RTP ports to each IP Address? Your manual should tell you where to find which local ports to use.



Sipgate example for port forwarding of a single phone

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Re: Port forwarding nec sl2100 phone system.

  • Allocated ips on the system itself, i think that the MAC addressing could be the problem as the kit only has the one Mac but  2 ip’s but I don’t know how to get around this.
  •  I am using Gamma SIp trunks hammy.
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