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Port forwarding problems - Minecraft

I'm sure this has been posted many times as I did see that there was problems with the Home Hub 3 and port forwarding but none of the answers I saw were as clear as I was hoping. My problem, or should I say my son's problem, is that he wants to host a Minecraft server using Bukkit, however when ever people try to connect to this server, it says that they are connecting and then it just says connection timed out. We then searched the internet for further info, and we read we need to port forward, we did and we put the TCP and UDP protocols both with the port range of 25565 seeing as that is the port required for the bukkit server to work or something like that.  I also put the translate range to 25565. However, even after doing this the same problem is experienced. If you know how to fix this, that is brilliant, but seeing as this requires advanced knowledge of minecraft server hosting, please don't worry and I will move this question on to the Minecraft forums. Smiley Happy


Thanks 😄


P.S. I have the Home Hub 3  Type B

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Re: Port forwarding problems - Minecraft

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