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Port forwarding - some more clarity please

I have set up port forwarding in the past and never had the problems that I am currently experiencing with HH4 with two ip cams. It would be great if there were some simple rules to follow - and I do appreciate the efforts of people on this forum but I am still confused. Can anyone answer the following


1 - there is an option to set up Dynammic DNS at advanced/broadband/dynamic DNS. Can I setup two  cameras (one using No-ip the other using an embeded foscam DN)  using this option?


2 - Within the advanced/firewall/port forwarding section I can allocate a port. I have allocated 8090 for camera 1 and 8095 for camera 2. When I checked my ports both were "timed out" - what causes that.


3 - I read on one of the posts that the ports should be outside of the allocated DNS range - can anyone tell me what the HH4 allocated DNS range is and are any other port numbers to be avoided - I was using 1000 as a port and this seemed to have problems


4 - Does a port have to be allocated for the camera set up on question 1 above (I am assuming yes but I am having so many problems I need to check every step!).


5 - I want to access the cameras from several different phones, tablets laptops etc, also my son will want access and possibly others - so if more than one person tries to access the same IP cam will one fail or is the port forwarding port shared? Or do I need to add another setting somewhere to allow multiple access to the same port.


6 - I would like to have a permanent display on my Google TV - If I just use the local IP address of the camera will that block all other users including those on the home network and external.


It would be great to just get the cameras working without them stopping every few days. 



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Re: Port forwarding - some more clarity please

I should start this off with a couple of quick caveats:  I've never had to use DynDNS, so can't advise with regard to that and have never used a HH4, but have used and helped to set up on a Business Hub 3 which is very similar firmware.  With that in mind:


2/  The timing out on your checks normally, in my experience, means that the firewall is passing the information, but the device isn't responding in time.  If you try a port check using, you normally get on of 3 responses, open, error 110 which is the connection timing out and 111 which is connection refused.  111 is normally the firewall bouncing the scan.  You could try doing a port check, then go to the event log on the router and see if it has a filter for firewall.  If so, you could take a look on there to see if it is showing the packet being passed.  If it is, then normally that would indicate that it is the device that needs looking at rather than the router.


3/ The devices, for a fixed internal address, should be outside the DHCP range, the range of addresses that the router hands out dynamically.  The range on the HH 4 is, I believe,  As a result, fixing an address to a device, you would have the range .1.1-.1.63 available.  If you do set the address on the device, please make sure that the gateway address is  In my experience, a lot of cameras seem to have .1.1 as a default for that, which would make a port check fail.


4/ Yes, you would need ports forwarding for both devices.


5/ Again, I go back to my caveats, but I have had multiple people, on multiple sites and devices, all accessing a device that I have set port forwarding up for.  This has included cameras as well as storage devices, for example, and it has worked fine with no additional settings.


6/I can't speak specifically to the to Google TV, but having something permanently accessing on an internal address, whcih as you are aware doesn;t use port forwarding, should have absolutely no effect on something accessing from externally.


Apologies I couldn't comment on the DynDNS or specifically to the HH4, but someone with a little more experience of both of those should be able to add to my mutterings.


Hope this helped a little.



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Re: Port forwarding - some more clarity please

Thank you very much for taking the time to give such a full answer. Very much appreciated. Its great that there are people here with such helpful outlook.


On a negative note - I would have thought that there should be somewhere on where all this information is correlated and not just left to user forums to sort out issues regarding the operation of the home hub. I did spend some time trying to find answers within the  help and support sections but but could not find much detailed iinfo.

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Re: Port forwarding - some more clarity please

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