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Port forwarding

Hi. I know port forwarding is not a new issue but could someone suggest a solution to our problem?


Our company has had BT ADSL for years, recently upgraded to Fibre and had a BT Business Hub 5 installed. We have an Exchange server and I have set up port forwarding for this and it works fine.


The problem is that although I have added port forwarding for https, it will not work, although we can access the server locally for owa if necessary.


We have always had a fixed IP address although the Business Hub did not have this ticked. If I tick it and enter our public IP address, then all port forwarding stops working. Untick it and the SMTP is back but still no https.


It seems like a bug but maybe there is way round it?


Thank you.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Port forwarding

as a BT business user you need to post here   this forum is for residential customers

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