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Porting delay

Hi need some advice/help with this issue.

When i originally moved into my home i had sky fitted. It was a new build home & everything was already connected up by openreach it was a case of having services provided. A few years ago i switched to talk talk without any issues what so ever. I decided to switch to bt because of talk talks slower speed. Anyways i requested to keep my number as i thought that would have been easier/less hassle than having a new number supplied. Yesterday was my bt activation date. As of today its still not up & running. After loads of hassle speaking to bt i finally got told theres a delay with porting the number from sky.. why sky when my previous provider was talk talk who i switch to with no issues i dont know. Anyways been told that sky have accepted the porting request but cant be released until 24th which is unacceptable. I need my internet right now due to my 16 year old twins currently undertaking their gcse's & their coursework having to be sent in via the school hub using the internet. Not only that we all use our devices on the internet daily. I totally expected my services to go live yesterday as planned & now my talk talk services have been disconnected as arranged by bt for the take over. Is there any way of getting this done sooner? Maybe giving me a new number? I dont have an issue with changing numbers if thats what needs to happen in order to have my services running again.
Any help would be appreaciated.
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Re: Porting delay


Today i recieved a text to say my phone service is ready for me. I can make out going calls but when i call in i get an automated message saying number isnt recieving incoming calls at the moment. Internet still not connected????
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Re: Porting delay

@AH2018 sorry about that, there may be an issue with the number port. Please use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details and we'll be happy to help. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: Porting delay

Thanks, I've done what you suggested. When i dial 17070 it is a automated bt message telling me my phone number & other info from BT! The same phone number I've always had which bt are saying that sky can't release until the 24th.... if its not yet been released by sky then how come its bt on the automated message?
My children are becoming really frustrated now having no internet. They cant do their course work & are getting in trouble at school for it & to top it off we all use amazon fire sticks to watch tv & dont have a outdoor arieal. So neither can we watch tv aswell. My son had used up all his mobile data within 12 hours filling out forms etc for his future in the army which gets renewed on the 18th of the month.
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Re: Porting delay

Any update on my services going live today? Today is the date that sky are releasing my line to bt. As of yet my services are still unavailable.
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