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Porting issues from EE to BT

Hi I've had an issue similar to those posted previously here. Ported across from EE to BT scheduled for 26th January 2016. Seemed to be ok at the beginning and on the 27th the porting had been finalised. Everything was working ok up to 30 January 2016 in the evening. Then I had no service coming up on the mobile. Raised it with BT who claimed there was a problem with porting and the profile and suggested i get a PAC code again from the old provider, even though i had no further contract with it!.


BT told me there would be up to a 5 day turnaround although invariably it would be 2 days. Called after 2 days (on Thursday) to hear porting had worked ok- no issue with profile but BT didnt know what the problem was. Promised a call back on that day- guess what no call made. Called again on Friday (3rd Feb) to be told it has been escalated to the complex team and i'll get a call today. Not holding out on my breath for the call.


So far I've lost the use of my number which is linked to my work for 7 days (including today). Not happy at all especially given the fact this appears to be a known issue affecting more than simply myself. Wasn't told anything about that when i was looking to port.


So peeved i simply now wish to cancel the contract (and 2 others) i and my family have. Am hacked off that BT cant explain what the fault is and that as its affected thousands  for several months according to this thread why it hasn't been fixed.

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