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Positive BT Experience

Hi BT,

I've just had some excellent customer service through one of your online chat representatives and I'd like to give some feedback. The advisor informed me that when I click the "disconnect" button from the chat that a survery should appear for providing feedback however this didn't come up for me. I've tried searching for an email to send feedback to but couldn't find one so I thought I'd post it here and hopefully you could forward it on to the staff member and his line manager.

Basically I've been a BT customer for 18 months and never had any issues with payments. Due to relocating and changing jobs I've had some issues with paying my bill this month and have been panicing all evening. I used the web chat service to see what advice or solutions could be offered and the member of staff I spoke to, James Kuppusamy, was superb. His answers were very quick, concise and informative and he has honestly made my week, I've never experienced such friendly and helpful service. If it was possible I'd buy him a gift or bake him a cake because he was just so helpful and understanding.

I don't think that people provide positive feedback enough and you only ever hear about the bad experiences. I would reall appreciate it if someone could forward this on to both James and his manager. I've honestly never received service like it and I can't put into words how thankful I am. 

Kind Regards,

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Re: Positive BT Experience

Hi @TheHatchetMan,


Thank you for taking the time to post. I'm happy to hear James was able to help and I've passed on your feedback to hims manager.







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