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Possible fix for broadband incorrectly stuck on banded profile after fault repaired.

I had a line fault repaired back in March, and for the following 6 months I was locked on a reduced speed, identified by forum members as being on a banded profile which should eventually sort itself out. "This could take several weeks or even months" customers are told. This is not acceptable! Three times contacting BT and every time I was told my line speed was acceptable. Not to me it wasn't.

My normal speed (for several years) had been 8000/40000 with a 6dB noise margin.

For the last 6 months my hub reported 8000/40000 as the maximum achievable rate, but it remained stubbornly stuck at 8000/32400 with a 9dB noise margin.

For the potentially hundreds or even thousands incorrectly stuck like I was for many months on a banded profile, the following worked for me...

Switch off the hub

Remove the faceplate from the wall connection box to expose the test socket.

Insert one end of a 10 metre cheapo extension lead into the test socket. (I kept it coiled up and away from sources of electrical noise.)

In the other end of the lead insert an ADSL filter.

Re-connect the hub and phone into the ADSL filter.

Switch the hub back on.

My speed came up as 6320/20680 SNR 6.2dB - good as I wanted it to be below the locked speed.

Now leave well alone. (Mine is on a UPS so no worries about power.)

Two days later the hub automatically rebooted and connected at 6180/22880 with 5dB downstream noise margin.

Two more days and it reconnected at 6290/23950 4dB SNR

Two more days 6030/25960 3dB SNR

At any point after the noise margin began to reduce it may have been ok to switch off and put everything back, but I didn't want to take any chances so I left it for another 6 days and it remained stable at the new speed/noise margin.

During this time I also busied the connection with large downloads (during off-peak hours).

Then I turned off the hub, and restored all the connections back to normal and crossed my fingers.

... The hub reconnected at 7420/45200 6.0dB/3.0dB ...  and has remained stable now for 14 days.

No-one will convince me that this is coincidence. Six months locked on a banded profile for no reason, a few days on an artificially long line and everything working again. It stinks of a bug in the software - no-one can persuade me that my line is unstable enough to warrant being permanently locked on a low speed. 14 days on a 3dB noise margin without a reboot tells me I have a stable line.

This may or may not work for anyone else, it may not work if you haven't been put on the 3dB noise margin but it worked for me and I would be really interested to see if it works for anyone else.


In the meantime, I feel a letter to the Chairman coming on. Smiley Happy


P.S. for over 20 of my 36 years with BT I was a software developer. When the customer complained of a bug, however unlikely it seemed, they were usually right.