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Possible scam email

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Elderly friend has just contacted me to say they've received an email from BT to say their email service will be suspended at the end of today (!) unless he links his email address to his BT Broadband account. He's forwarded the email to me. On the surface it looks OK, but hovering on the links claiming to take him to his account page reveal all the links go to a tny URL (which I'm not allowed to post here for some reason). Also, the text says "As you've used your email address in the last 90 days, we need to let you know about some changes we're making." i.e. the word "not" seems to be missing.


I assume this is a scam email, but just thought I'd check here first before reassuring my friend.


Many thanks.

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Re: Possible scam email

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It is a scam. I had a similar one a day or two ago. Just delete it. 


If the email account that your friend has is an old BT email address from a previous time with BT and not one that came with the BT account that they presently have, your friend should arrange to have it associated to their present BT account. This can be done via this forum if required.


Just for information, BT do suspend email accounts that are not being used but as long as your friend has been logging onto their email account nothing will happen to it.

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