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Re: Security Phone Call from 0203 5969321

Had one of these today too. I am completely tech and scam savvy have had all the Microsft calls and had a lot of fun with them, but this was new to me.  The heavy accent and barely comprehensible English were the giveaways but are they really just chancers claiming to be from Bt Ioenreach or do they have access to info they shouldn't.  


There is no way I would ever take what these guys say as the truth but had this one not cocked it up when I asked for a reference number so I could call BT to check I might have followed it up. 


In fact after hesitating he gave me my telephone number minus the initial zero (bit lacking in imagination I thought) so I told me he was the idiot, not me and he put the phone down and saved me any further wasted time.


My advice to everyone out ther is you don't have to be computer literate just sensible.  Ask them for telephone and reference numbers so you can call the provider and check.  NEVER do what they say and NEVER call any numbers they give you.  Put the phone down and call your provider on a number you know to be genuine. 

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Re: Security Phone Call from 0203 5969321

I received a similar call 10 minutes ago from a woman calling herself Nancy and claiming to be from BT. She fed me her script trying to scare me that my computer had been infected and that every time I connect to the internet, malicious software was being downloaded to my machine. 


She then asked me to turn all my devices on and make sure they were online. When I asked her why I was getting a call from BT even though I use a completely different broadband service provider, she hung up on me.


FWIW the woman had a very strong Indian accent.

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Re: Security Phone Call from 01273737803

I had a similar call to the others described here - noisy call centre, asian/Indian voice, very poor English, issue with my router and I needed to........... but I told him, I believed it was a scam and hung up. The call was from the above number, different to the other one in the post. They rang yesterday too - though I didn't answer it (dialled 1471 later).


I have also only been with BT for a short period of time - just over a month.... I hope someone from BT picks this up and looks into it?



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Re: Security phone call from 0121 425 5887 - Eric Wilson

Had several calls from this number over the last few days purporting to be from BT saying they were receiving security threats from my internet connection and they needed to check my router.  The line was very poor quality (crackly), sounded like it was coming from a very busy call centre and "Eric Wilson" had a very strong possibly asian accent.  I told Eric I suspected it was a scam and that I would call BT to see if his call was genuine.  He agreed I should do that and that he would give me the telephone number to call and that if I switched on my laptop he could give me all the reference numbers I needed to check the call was genuine.  I said I would find the telephone number myself and he could give me the relevant reference numbers without me having to switch on my laptop.  He repeated himself saying BT kept receiving security threats and that once they'd checked the connection, in a couple of days time they would send someone to my house with a new router!  The fact that I'd told him BT weren't my service provider and hadn't supplied the router in the first place didn't put him off either he just kept saying BT owned the network..... I let him ramble on for a few more minutes and then terminated the call mid sentence.  Within 5 minutes, got a call back from the same number, I answered it, but left the phone next to a very loud radio until he'd gone

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Re: Security phone call from Unavailable Number claiming to be BT Security

I had a call earlier from an Indian Call Centre, claiming to be BT Security - need to confirm that i am the name on the BT account. The call probably lasted more than 5 minutes and less than 10 minutes. My daughter took a similar call 2 or 3 days ago but because the account holder was not home they hung up?


They / she told me my "broadband connection" had been hacked and being used for malicious calls and emails. BT are getting multiple error messages from this broadband connection and need to investigate and warn you"  


I was immediatly suspicious and she repeated the reason for the call - though I nearly fell for it because i am concerned that my hub is faulty - she said she wanted to check things and help resolve the matter / protect us.


I checked the phone / caller ID and it was an unavailable number which i questioned - the answer was it is "an internet call rather than phone line and protocol not to disclose numbers for BT Security" - so i asked what is my name and she answered "This is BT Security and we cannot disclose your name"


I said this is a scam which she denied then she went into full flow on what she needed to do while i was thinking about another question to ask. However she was cut off at her end NOT by me.  


I hung up and called BT on 100 and was put through to the nuisance call dept who were yes helpful, told me that the call was "not registered on my line, so a scam and they had hidden the call from BT" - the BT (GENUINE) lady said BT Security would show caller ID and would give / use my name when calling me (which was/is my understanding). 


My concern was that the BT Nuisance call dept seemed more interested in selling me a phone to block scam calls!!!


Having read the messages on these community boards i am now concerned about BT call centre staff in India passing on my details to the scammers. From my experience of working in third world countries genuine staff working for Western / Global / Blue Chip companies are in the pocket of scammers. 

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Re: Potential scam phone call purporting to come from BT - be warned

I received a similar call just now. I knew it was spoof because we're not with bt now and bt wouldn't employ someone with such a strong ,therefore hard to understand,Indian accent. Though I'm not still with bt I reported it because I don't want unsuspecting people falling for it. I'm a cynic lol
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Re: Potential scam phone call purporting to come from BT - be warned

Oh...there was no number available when I tried 1471
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Re: Potential scam phone call purporting to come from BT - be warned

'm going crazy here.


I'e been called 6 times over the past two days.

From india - this is BT etc etc


They have my account number!


"Can I see the CTRL key"

"What key is next to is"

"There's a new router coming for you tomorrow and we need to prepare your computer"

Etc etc


I'm too experienced for this nonsense but other people may well fall for it.


I guess the security in BT's call centres is very bad. Negligent even.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Potential scam phone call purporting to come from BT - be warned

You should report it to the Information Commissioner if you think that BT have been less than secure with your personal information.

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Re: Potential scam phone call purporting to come from BT - be warned


I get one at  least of these each day and if I have time, I string them along for about ten minutes to waste their time and save some less fortunate person from being scammed.

I say things like "hang on I'll get my glasses" and "what did you say" while pretending to type what they've asked.

This will be:

"press the windows key and r" . . this is safe and won't affect your PC.

"where you see cmd, type in netstat" . . this is also safe and won't affect your PC it will show YOU and ONLY YOU, stats from your PC.


DO NOT DO THIS "now type teamviewer DO NOT DO THIS (although this programme is perfectly ok, so is a gun unless it's loaded)


Then when they get to the point of asking to download and install Teamviewer: a programme that allows them to take over your computer and install their BLACKMAIL; I tell them I'm a BT engineer too and that they are criminals.

Then (and it doesn't seem to matter if they are male or female) they tell me to go and  *%"$ myself (sorry if you're offended).


At that point I'm pretty convinced that they are not from BT and I laugh as loud and as manically as possible and hang up.


There are thousands of insidious people/criminal companies doing this world wide and they only have access to your phone number - nothing else unless you tell them.

Best just to hang up.


Kind regaqrds



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