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Power saving mode / and broadband disconnecting periodically

I have recently started using the power saving mode and noticed that our BB speed has gone down to 2.4 from 2.9.  While I know this is not a big reduction we had a lot of problems earlier in the year with V04 messages cos our speed dropped to around 2 and it took a lot of engineers visits to get it back up to 2.9.  Also I noticed that our HH keeps disconnecting (at the moment it says it's been connected for 2 days) although this has been happening since we signed up to BT and not since using the power save mode..   


Do you think it is the power saving mode or the fact that the HH keeps disconnecting periodically that is resulting in our speed reducing?  I would really appreciate your help as I desperately want to avoid getting the dreaded V04 error messages!








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Re: Power saving mode / and broadband disconnecting periodically

Hi the variations in your speed are being caused by the restarts of your hub nothing toowith power saving mode you need to find the causes of thedisconections
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