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Powerline Advice & Home Hub 3 Slow Wireless Speed Help

Hi guys, hoping someone here might be in a similar situation.  I've recently bought a new tv and bluray player that comes with built in wireless + smart hub, and we've got Netflix,Iplayer,Youtube etc. apps on it, problem being all of this kit is downstairs, and my actual Infinity connection and Home Hub 3 is sat upstairs so the wireless has to travel a fair way and our house is pretty old with thick walls etc. 


I figured a long ethernet cable would solve the problem, but having that trailing through the house isn't an option so I did some research and had some Powerline adapters recommended to me by a friend.  


After looking at these for a few days I was then starting to wonder about the performance of my actual router (home hub 3), I've been trying to test the wireless speed I'm getting downstairs via the speedtest app on my smartphone, but it seems to fluctuate a lot, - overall though I would appear to get between 2-4mb/s, my usual connection speed on the pc upstairs is a pretty nice 4.7mb/s or about 37megabits.  


Now I'm guessing an average 2hr-long bluray title being streamed over Netflix being around 25gb in size needs roughly a 3.5mb/s connection speed, which I think is the problem as like I said it seems to fluctuate anything from 2meg to 4meg.  This is impacting Netflix for example which I know will change the quality of the stream it's sending dependant on the connection speed it's getting (I've seen the quality myself change a few times).  


So ultimately I'm guessing the Powerline adapters will solve this particular issue.  


However I'm also seeing the video and audio being totally out of sync with each other.  The audio comes through first with the video lagging behind so I'm currently aleviating it by managing with an audio sync option on the tv which delays the audio to try and match the video which is a real pain. 


So my ultimate question is has anyone had similar experiences in the past and will these Powerline things work or might it be an issue with the Home Hub 3? - I've been playing with the settings on that and changing channels etc. and it seems like it enjoys dropping the speed it can send wirelessly.. I've seen it stay mostly at around 65mbps (under the data transfer bit of wireless settings) but when I first select a channel it says 144mbps, and just before I made this post I checked it and it said 19mbps! 


Would ditching the home hub 3 in place of a new router that can handle higher speeds or something be a better option than getting the powerline adapters?


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!   

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Re: Powerline Advice & Home Hub 3 Slow Wireless Speed Help

I use powerline adapters with my samsung smart tv and don't have a problem with sky anytime+ or anything else - and I am not on infinity

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Re: Powerline Advice & Home Hub 3 Slow Wireless Speed Help

power lines the best option
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Re: Powerline Advice & Home Hub 3 Slow Wireless Speed Help

Powerline adaptors work flawlessly.


I connect my xbox,ps3,freesat box, onlive adaptor to a gigabit switch then connect the switch to a powerline adaptor. Connect the other adaptor to the home hub 3 and everything works perfectly including netflix.


EDIT: And the lip sync issues are probably something to do with your tv. I had these issues with my tv. Lips lync was off on games, dvd's and blu-rays. It was nothing to do with the internet. I fixed them by turning off dolby surround on all devices connected to the TV.

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