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Powerline adapters

Does anyone use them, and are they any good at helping with speed and connection issues.


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Re: Powerline adapters

Powerline adapters are usually a much better option than wireless.


BT have their own range of adapters.


TP-Link also do a range of powerline adapters, but you cannot mix different manufacturers adapters together.


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Re: Powerline adapters

You can mix different manufacturers adapters without issue as long as they are a compatible standard. You must also select the same network name. Most plugs default to HomePlugAV as the network name so you can normally just plug and play.


The best homeplugs to buy at the moment are the new 600AV2 models.


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Re: Powerline adapters

Powerline adaptors work well, but they overclaim speed even more than broadband and wireless. You will probably need at least AV500 adaptors to take advantage of infinity. And don't plug them into extensions (especially not surge protected extensions), or into a twin socket with computer equipment in the other half of the twin.
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Re: Powerline adapters

I've found them excellent for use within a house, even connecting locations on different circuits at opposite ends of the house. I've found they don't seem to mind either extension cables or other equipment in the same socket.


I've asked in another thread that has now submerged unanswered about recommendations for the best adaptors for a marginal set-up.

Initially a pair of adaptors gave a good connection between the router in the house and a garden office about 100 feet away, wired on a spur from a different consumer unit fuse. But following a broadband fault and a new hub it won't now connect - the signal is too weak.

So it can work at that distance and on that circuit, but guess that some adaptors are more powerful and would stand a better chance of overcoming the inherent weakness in the set-up?


 Ihave been recommended Trendnet TPL-401E2K AV500 and 600AV2 as being the best for a marginal location.

Any observations?

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Re: Powerline adapters

When I had Infinity 1 installed last November I settled for the HH5 to be placed next to the line in. I suggested I would let the line settle then move anything I wanted after that. I used Wifi for the iMac upstairs and for the iPad and HomePlugs for the old silver vision box. My only slight concern was security with the Wifi so the engineer left me a 10m ethernet cable and said if I wanted to I could use it for the vision box and the HomePlugs for the iMac. I was getting good speeds with Wifi so was reluctant the change but a week or two ago I tried the HomePlugs on the Mac. The speed was halved. Having said that the HomePlugs are the bog standard ones, one was on an extension on the ring mains downstairs next to the HH5 and the other was on an extension on the ring mains upstairs next to the Mac. Before the Gurus start saying ‘no wonder the speed was halved’, it was just an experiment. The speed was still three times what I was getting with the old Broadband. I’m back to Wifi now however!

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Re: Powerline adapters

Powerline adaptors are brilliant.


I use them for all my important devices like my xboxes and playstation.


I have the tp-link 500mbit ones and I get the full connection speed and less ping which means I rarely get lag in games.


When I used wireless I used to get higher pings, slower download speeds and regular lag in games.


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