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Re: Powerline keeps disconnecting on HH5

Thanks Keith,


How many powerline standards are there? Not that I want to know. Just amazing that BT supplies more than one, and doesn't make it clear. I now have to throw away two powerline adpotors and buy a single powerline adaptor compatible with BT Flex 500.




Is this one compatible? BT Broadband Extender 500 Powerline Kit - Twin Pack



Life is too short for this....

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Powerline keeps disconnecting on HH5

If you forget about using the Comtrend ones, then a single adapter, the same as you already have, would allow you to connect BT Vision to your existing BT 500Mb ones.


If you have to buy a pair, then just use one of the pair, and pair it with your existing network.

You could keep the other as a spare, or if you need Internet in another room.


Its the old Comtrend ones that are outdated, and incompatible.



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