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Premier league fixtures

why is it that the new season kicks off in August and BTsport schedule runs until the end of november. In that time every team gets to play the same number f games, yet btsport list 3 man utd games in that period, more than any other team? I am not alone in being a fan of football, yes I follow a team, but I love football generally and would expect to see a good and balanced spread of teams given airtime, not just them.

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Re: Premier league fixtures

Utd do draw the viewing figures, Utd fans want to watch their team win and the majority of the rest of us want to see them fall flat on their facesSmiley Very Happy so it probably is simply down to viewing figures.

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Re: Premier league fixtures

Of course it's down to viewing figures. Otherwise BT could have saved 100s of millions by skipping the PL and spending a tenner on rights to the Ryman League. Hands up if the lure of watching that for free would induce you to switch to BT Broadband.

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Re: Premier league fixtures

Yes, it really is as simple as the other posters say.


Man Utd and Liverpool get, by far, the biggest viewing figures so you will see them picked, if possible, more than other teams.


But there are quotas. BT have to show every team at least once in the saturday games and they can only show a team a maximum of 5 times on saturdays and 2 times in the midweek rounds.


I think BT get a good spread of games over the course of the season. Hopefully at the end of the year, BT will win more games in the auction and perhaps have around the 60 games per season mark. The smaller teams will be shown more then.

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