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Premium Mail account suspended!

Hi all,

I am a very frustrated and upset BT user.

from January 2015 to August 2015 I had to use Bt premium mail as I moved to a property on a new estate that had its own internet provider. 

In August 2015 I moved to my present address and went back to BT to provide me with broadband internet. No problems there.

i didn't think much about premium mail as I wrongly assumed BT would realise I didn't need it and my email address would be covered by my new account.

Fast forward a few months and I noticed that I was still paying for BT premium mail. In fact I noticed when the price was put up. Thinking I had no more use for it, I cancelled the monthly payment. Immediately BT got in touch asking why I had cancelled my payment. So I made a phone call, spoke to someone, explained the situation and was told the accounts would be 'merged' and not to worry anymore.

a few weeks later I had another email saying I hadn't paid my bill and if I didn't they would close the account. I made the required payment and then made another (frustrating) phone call to BT. This time ,again, I was assured it was sorted but to get a refund I would have to speak to premium mail. They tried to put me through but the phone just rang and rang. I gave up after 20 minutes.

i didn't bother to try again as I just gave up the idea of a refund.

then I had another reminder. This time I must have been on the phone for 25 mins and a person tried to sort out the mess but assured me I was ok and I shouldn't here anymore about it.

at no time did anyone suggest my email address was linked to the premium mail account and if the account was closed I would lose that email address.

a few days later, I was having problems logging in. My email address and password were not recognised. I thought the problem was with my iPad but after yet another phone call, I discovered the account had been closed and email address I had had for many years had gone. So had my partners.

i was told to contact premium mail. Ha! It took me 3 attempts to get through and at least an hour and half on The phone.

A very polite Indian man informed me it was my own fault and I should have tried to resolve it earlier.


please can someone help. I want to finish with BT after this but I also desperately want my original email address back. 

Why can't I have it? Surely somehow it is transferable to my other account.

please can someone help with this?!!!

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