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Premium incoming Mobile texts. Never received said texts, never signed up for them either.


I have Bt tv, sports, rent a couple of films, have 5 mobile phone contracts.


I'm 1/2 way through renaventing a 1930 build which is fighting back and holding down a full time job, whilst living with three teenage kids. Checking though my bt bill has been a bit laps of late. I've glanced at the full amount & thought yeah thats close enough. BAD THING TO DO!


I found on Junes bill that I had been charged for Premium TEXTs on two out of five mobile phone contracts. I quickly quizzed the phone holders, they had not recieved any strange or out of the ordinary texts, only from numbers they reconised. 

I phoned BT and spoke to an operator with poor English accent. He could see the phone numbers the texts were sent from & explaned that if we didn't want to recieve/ be charged for Premium TEXTs we could go into settings and set them to off. I asked if he could do that whilst he had my profile open. To which he did. I also asked if he could refund the moneys taken from my account for a service we never recieved. He said no, I'd have to contact the mobile numbers myself. I'm not happy about this as they are Premium Numbers so I could get stung for even more money.

Looking back over my bill two of the five mobile contracts were involed, and started when one of the phones went to Austraila. This phone was used to video chat with the other mobile phone back home, via the internet on a home router. Putting 2 and 2 together this is when it must have started.


Each in coming text cost £4.50 so on the overall BT bill seemed to be a price of a film. We only noticed/recieved a text from these Premium TEXT numbers after the BT operator blocked the Premium text service on our moblie phone contracts.


I have looked back over several Bills to December 2015 and it seems that we have been charged in the region of £75 for a Premium text service we didn't know was able to charge us for incoming texts. Also Charged for incoming Premium TEXTs that we never recieved, until the point where this service was deactivated. 


Your thoughts on the best way forward from here?

Regards Dave.


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Re: Premium incoming Mobile texts. Never received said texts, never signed up for them either.