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Premium mail

Two months ago the Indian call centre said I needed Premium mail because I had an old email address(originally residential)
I am now on business for the last 4yrs? So I agreed since then I have had 25 call backs inc 3 supervisor calls all saying they are hear to take up my problem and get me premium mail I have reported this 3 times to the UK team who just passed me back. I’ve opened a complaint 3 times and each time it’s been closed down 3hrs later saying it’s been satisfied. It’s been like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and it’s still going.
Has anybody in BT have a heart to help!!!
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Re: Premium mail

If you are a business user you will need to post on the BT Business forum where you should be able to get some help.

See link about BT Premium email

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Re: Premium mail

Doubt it both business and residential Ping me between each other just like this
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Re: Premium mail

I am not pinging you. This is a BT residential forum and the BT moderators are unable to help any BT business user accounts hence the reason I suggested trying the BT Business forum where the moderators can assist BT business customers.

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Re: Premium mail

Right, just call the premium mail team, don't even mention you are a business customer as that is totally irrelevant if it just that you want to keep an email address without a BT broadband account. It will cost you £7.50 to keep the address.

Try 0808 100 6778

Edit: If you want to transfer your email address to your business account, I doubt if that is possible.


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