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Premium phone call blocker

I have recently bought the Premium phone and set it up to send any blocked calls to the answer machine but when an unknown call comes in it plays the message saying that you cannot leave a message, surely the answering machine doesn't have to be on all the time for this to work?

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Re: Premium phone call blocker

Hi @shunte   Check your answer mode to set to Ans.& Rec and not Answer only (can’t leave a message).

Menu -> Answer Phone -> Answer mode -> Answer on/off (On) and Answer mode (Ans.& Rec).

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Re: Premium phone call blocker

Thanks for the reply, yes it is set to to Answer & Record already, should it divert unknown calls to the answering machine without the answering machine actually being turned on?

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Re: Premium phone call blocker

Hi @shunte   Yes, Ans must be On on the base station. It doesn’t mean all calls go to the answer machine. The answer machine only kicks in if you don’t answer a call or divert a call to the answering machine. Unknown callers have to announce themselves for the phone to ring and for the answering machine to work if you don’t answer.

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Re: Premium phone call blocker

Ok, thanks, I'll try that, seems an odd thing to do to be honest, I'll have to have a long ring time before the machine kicks in to give time to answer and hope that those who ring and want to leave a message will wait.

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