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Premium whole home WiFi discs

I’m looking to purchase three Whole home Premium discs but initial reviews seem firmware is flawed. Any positive experiences here?

Thanks all

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Re: Premium whole home WiFi discs

I’ve got three, wouldn’t say there is much issues occasional restart needed but have had them on for a week without issue.

Biggest disappointment is that the WiFi 6 (AX) isn’t for client use and only for disc to disc

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Re: Premium whole home WiFi discs

I started with the 3 pack using wifi backhaul then added a fourth disk using Ethernet.  Works OK though introducing the fourth disk has caused the network map to look weird.  However, everything is working as advertised so I’m happy enough.

i haven’t seen any reviews of the premium disks yet, just the whole home system.  My system auto updated to the latest firmware immediately so can’t confirm how buggy that was as I didn’t use it.

Speed is excellent.  Roaming and coverage good.

I’d recommend the premium disk system.


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Re: Premium whole home WiFi discs


I’ve purchased a triple pack and am more than happy with the performance of them with Virgin 100 fibre. I’m seeing just over 100Mbps at each disc apart from one which I’ve placed in a garage half way down my rear garden which I see around 35-40Mbps from. 

I’ve had no need to perform any resets or had any issues since I set them up on Sunday. 

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Re: Premium whole home WiFi discs

Hi I purchased a triple set 3 days ago. Having a few issues with the discs disconnecting to the master disc. BT trying to help out at the minute.


Doing some problem solving myself, it seems I only have the issue when devices are connected via ethernet to one of the discs. 


Otherwise they seem great, very quick, I'm sure teething problems will get ironed out.

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Re: Premium whole home WiFi discs

Just FYI, I have an device connected to one of the ethernet ports on one of the satellite disks (a SurePet hub), and it works OK, so hopefully BT will be able to sort you out. 

However, after my rosey comments, one of my satellite disks (the one connected by ethernet backhaul) decided to reboot itself in the middle of the night, so I'm having to keep my eye on it.

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Re: Premium whole home WiFi discs

Hey that’s good to hear yours works ok 👌 might be a particular device I’ve got connected.


I’ve got Sky Q, Philips Hue hub and my Sony TV all connected to that one dish via Ethernet. So it could be one them causing the issue.


Hopefully tech support will get to the bottom of the issue 🤞 

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