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Previous recordings and live rewind intermittently working

Had a problem recentlly with my youview box, a DTRT1000.


Did a maintenance mode reset after it got stuck on 'nearly there', its been suggested that problem can be caused by a hard drive problem.


Since that reset I have been having intermittent problems where by the recordings are still listed but can not be accessed, playback fails. When this happens the live rewind feature is also unavailable, using previous experience of set top boxes both problems sound like a hard drive issue.


I have tried talkng to an online agent and get the same rubbish about the maintenance mode fix each time. Its beginning to grate, so I thought I'd post in here.


Has anybody else had problems like this?


Obviously I cant just remove the hard drive and replace it with a spare I have lying about as it will void the warranty but at the same time because its an intermittent fault its going to be hard to demonstrate. What are the options open to me?


edit : Forgot to add its beginning to lock up more than it ever has, too.

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Re: Previous recordings and live rewind intermittently working

Just to add to this, the freezing is occuring at least once a day. Its becoming rather annoying now, the only way to get it responding again is to cycle the power.


BT email correspondence is also rubbish, as is the live chat.

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