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Price Rise Email Offer - Can't process this order online

I have received a genuine BT email about the January price rises. The email is offering me a deal with a fixed price for 18 months.


When I click on the button/link it takes me to a page where it says:


Log in to see your personalised offers


I log in with my BT ID hoping to be shown the offer but get the following message:


We're sorry...  We can’t process this order online. Please call us on 0800 672 476.


This has been the situation on my 'My BT' account for quite some time. Never able to see any of the personalised offers. I'd never bothered up until now. Is there any way I can get this resolved? All they want to do on the number given is to transfer me to retentions to process an order. I want to get my online account sorted out so I can look at the details and use this facility in the future.


Can anyone here help? Is this something one of the moderators can help with?

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