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Re: Price Rise and Cancellation query

LRS might protect you from a price increase now, but when you pay next time it will be a new higher price. I think that if/when I renew I will have suffered 2 BT price increases in line rental over the period.

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Re: Price Rise and Cancellation query

@conrad wrote:

That prompt care thing on the enhanced line rental package seems to be somewhat optimistic -

 Priority fault fixes – tell us about a problem on your phone line and we'll prioritise fixing it for you. We'll aim to fix it by the end of the next working day


They have problems trying to keep to the 3 day period so their target seems to be pie in the sky. Also if it is prioritised what gets pushed down the pecking order.



They also offer Total Care (24 hours) and Priority Fault Repair (6 hours).

See section 9 in


To be fair to BT Consumer I would guess they are just making available to customers services that BT Wholesale/Openreach offer to phone providers. Whether Openreach can realistically provide these services is another thing, though they only 'aim' to meet those time limits and don't guarantee it.


Several years ago a train line I was using was out of action for most of 2 weeks during a winter period due to ice bringing down overhead power lines. A few weeks later they had a big board up announcing that 98% of trains ran on time! The small print said they were allowed to exclude trains being late due to bad periods of excessive cold weather (ice/snow), excessive hot weather (tracks expanding in the heat), excessive windy weather (leaves on the line), etc. They could even exclude cases of drivers being off ill or just not turning up. Of course the figure will be high if you exclude all the times any train was late!  Smiley LOL

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Re: Price Rise and Cancellation query

Well BT just called me and gave me my MAC code over the phone.

Very happy with that and I checked again it would be penalty free termination which

I was told yes if used by 23rd October 2014. Just need an e-mail to have it as hard

copy (don't trust BT phone conversations if it comes to a disagreement).

The only issue now is they have taken so long in allowing me to have the code

I have missed out on the higher levels of cashback offers so I may now need to wait

a week or so to see if they increase again.

At least the Plusnet offer is on until 28th October 2014 I think so will be able to get that.

One step forward and two steps back .....

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Re: Price Rise and Cancellation query

I see the whole price rise element as unjust.

BT Sport for example is "Free" but someone pays - and that includes those who do not want it who clearly subsidise those that do.

The subsidy would appear to be 'hidden' in increased line rental, increased package costs etc.

Enough is enough - time BT actually charged Customers for the services they want and not for the services they do not want.

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Re: Price Rise and Cancellation query

Ours went up twice since we joined last October - thats why I had had enough.  Everything terminated yesterday as VM was installed. 

The box said 'Requires Windows XP or better'. So I installed LINUX..
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Re: How do I cancel my BT contract penalty free due to recent price hikes

ive just checked my spam folder and the email was in there telling me about the price changes.

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Re: How do I cancel my BT contract penalty free due to recent price hikes

Well I have done the dead and used the supplied MAC code to sign up to Plusnet

(also found cashback site giving £36.80).

I have also called and cancelled the BT Sport option.

Now lets hope things run smooth from this point and I don't have any silly issues

with BT and the final bill.

I can do without any hastle and just hope they keep to the stated no early termination

charges due to price increase clause, if not I guess they will have a fight on there hands.

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Re: How do I cancel my BT contract penalty free due to recent price hikes

I have just received my email and it says nothing regarding any option to withdraw from your current contract.
Please advise on how I can now get out of my contract without penalty as I feel BT have cheated me


Having been accused last time as not acting soon enough, I have just contacted BT to leave my current contract without penalty.

Feeling very anxious now as they managed to talk me into staying at my current price but another 18 month contract.

Having put the phone down I'm not sure I've done the right thing if this is to happen again another 6 months into the future.

STOP giving the sports TV for free !!!
Before you loose the majority of your customer as customer who want sports TV with their package are already with another ISP.
If BT were to charge for the sports TV it would show how many customers are actually with BT for BT sports
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Re: Price Rise and Cancellation query

So just an update on my previous post and my wish to cancel services with BT.


I'd notified BT on the 30th of August that I wished to no longer be supplied for Broadband with them having transferred my phone line services a couple of weeks earlier. They never honoured that and it's only until now have I finally got the contract cancelled. Apparently, back in August, I'd either been automatically renewed for a Broadband contract when I'd taken my phone services elsewhere (even when I was out of contract there) or someone from BT had renewed my contract with BT Sport without my authorisation or consent (I hadn't even known this!). In both instances, it is illegal. BT have handled the situation so shoddily it beggars belief. But it's all not over yet. I'm to wait for a final bill which includes cancellation fees and services that I haven't used in the region of £350. I've been told that the charges will be waived (I'd have to again ring in to get that sorted) but to be honest, I've been told a lot of things and I've found it to be wrong at times.


Having taken a look at my bill back in August, it seems quite high - more than double what I normally pay on average. I suspect I've paid for services not used. I mean should it take a month for a phone line to be transferred from BT to another provider?


So anyway, I thought I'd share my experience with others to make them aware of what they're getting into when they entangle themselves with BT.