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Price increase

Anyone know why my monthly plan bill has increased without warning. It is only about 50p extra but surely if there is going to be an increase or change to my billing I should be told. This isnt a one off payment either. Last months bill was correct this months says the regular charge is this new price. 

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Re: Price increase

there was a small increase at the start of April and BT issued letters/email end of Feb  this is stated in the T&C 

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Re: Price increase

It could be in relation to the annual price rise that you would have been told about either when you took out your package or by a subsequent email shortly after you took it out. It is also in the "small print" for each package.

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Re: Price increase

Thanks, good to know, I recieved no letter or email. I have had a few issues with the company this is just another 

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Re: Price increase

Perhaps your email landed up in your junk box?

My email arrived on 3 March 2020 which said:

We're changing your prices in line with CPI inflation
Hello ******,
We want to be transparent with the way we price your phone and broadband service. That's why, unlike Sky and Virgin Media, we're changing our prices in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation.

CPI is calculated monthly by the Office for National Statistics to see how much the average price of goods changes year on year. Based on this rate: your prices will go up 1.3% from 31 March.

A price change on your phone and broadband service will happen once a year, shortly after the new January CPI rate is announced. See below for your pricing information.



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