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Primary BT ID - help!

Please help me - and apologies if this is the wrong place.  


My telephone line was originally in my husbands name.  We are getting divorced.  So I spoke to BT and we moved it all across into my name.  Managed to retain the phone number etc, which was great.  No interruption in service at all.  


When I logged in to my account on I noticed that my ex husband was still the primary ID.  I spoke to the chap on the phone who told me that that would resolve itself.  It didn't.  If I click on the 'edit' button against the BT ID bit, it states that you have to ring 0800 111 4567 if you want to change the Primary BT ID.  So I call.  The first time I was waiting for ages, finally got through to someone who didn't understand what I was talking about (although they kept me on hold for ages) and then cut me off.  So I tried again today.  Again on hold for ages.  Get through to a lady who doesn't understand what I am asking.  She then put me on hold.  She then told me that I had to login through and change it myself.  I pointed out that I couldn't do this and that it told me to call and that was what I was doing.  She put me on hold again.  This repeated about 5 times.  She then put me on hold again.  When she came back on the phone, she told me that I had to set up another BT ID and login on that.  I queried how this was possible given that I was using my email address as the existing BT ID login I have. She told me to set up another email account.  I asked her how setting up another BT ID was going to result in the Primary ID moving across from my husband.  She put me on hold again.  She then told me that she had upgraded my call to a level 2.


This has already stolen hours of my life, and I am sure it's a simple fix really!  Can anyone help?  Please re-direct me if I'm better of posting this elsewhere.


Many thanks



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Re: Primary BT ID - help!

Moderators help requested
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Re: Primary BT ID - help!

Hi Hannah1234, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum. 


I can help get this sorted for you if you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile. 




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