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Privacy and Security Forum

Given that the mods know that this is a topic that you are all interested in, that BT has said Clearly our customer's privacy is extremely important to us, that there is a new thread about back door manipulation of the Home Hub v.2, that there appears to be evidence of intrusive monitoring of behaviour and consequential advertising through the BTVision box (thread on the old BTVision forums that had nearly 3000 views in only a week), that EU Commissioner Reding is totally committed to protecting the rights of EU citizens to the privacy of our communications, that this government appears willing to allow ISPs to snoop on our internet activity using Deep Packet Inspection....... may we have a separate forum please in which these matters can be aired, and people can speak up because they are worried?



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Re: Privacy and Security Forum

I think this is an excellent idea. It also would seem to be entirely consistent with the published community guidelines.

We hope that you enjoy being part of a community of people looking to help each other solve issues, ask questions, swap tips and give advice regarding BT products and services.
While we have a Community Manager and Moderators, these forums are intended to be peer-to-peer community.
Please have a read of our user guidelines. We have these rules to make sure the community is a friendly and useful place to visit and search for information.


It would allow BT to put into practice some of their public statements about corporate ethics and principles in a very visible customer focussed way. It demonstrates transparency, and openness. In the current rapidly changing legislative climate, it is also extremely relevant. It also brings customers into the discussion - the Privacy Policy is a BT document, and will NEED to evolve as the law changes, customer input may be a lot cheaper than legal cases.


I know that I have found that it has been peer to peer support that has taught me most of the things I have learned about being safe and secure online and looking after my data.


Please post here to indicate whether you would also find it helpful to have a Privacy and Security forum as part of the community.

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Re: Privacy and Security Forum

Thanks for the suggestion.


We will bear it in mind.



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